Solid Liquid Waste Management

Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM)

S.No. SLWM Download
1 Urban Rural Integration for Rural FSM(25-06-2020) pdf
2 Overview on Rural FSM Policy Strategy Funding (25-06-2020) pdf
3 Low Cost Technological Options (25-06-2020) pdf
4 Insitu Exsitu Treatment options (25-06-2020) pdf
5 IEC & CB SBCC for Rural FSM (25-06-2020) pdf
6 SLWM Primer pdf
7 MHM Policy pdf
8 The Kunjika on ODF S and CB Books on Swachh Gaon pdf
9 Brochures published on SLWM in 2018
I FSM IN INDIA Brochure pdf
II Grey Water Brochure AW pdf
III MHM Brochure pdf
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